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  • Since 2001 - the business of selling and reconstruction of traditional and historic properties. 
  • We also reconstructed our own COUNTRY HOUSE, which you can see for yourself in our section IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROJECT 
  • We do the professional supervision of reconstructions of traditional and historic buildings since 2001. From this activities come a lot of experiences. 
  • We advocate the positive thinking and focusing on positive examples. It gives us the energy and motivation.



  • He was born August 3, 1974 in Horovice.
  • He graduated from the High School of Electrical Engineering.
  • The owner of the  REALITY 1788  and COUNTRY HOUSE 1788.
  • Since 2001 deal with sales and reconstructions of historic and traditional properties. Prefers quality, sensitive and most comfortable solutions.
  • Publishes articles on topics: Reconstruction of historic and traditional buildings, Regeneration of cities and villages.



  • She was born in Prague.
  • She graduated from Business school.
  • She worked as a specialist of education and development.
  • For many years working with her husband in real estate agency.



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